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Submit your site now for the Westie Wishes - Well Done Award!

The Westie Wishes - Well Done Award is given to webmasters who have put time, thought and a desire for clear, concise content into their website. This award is not given to everyone who applies but all sites will be carefully reviewed and any reasons why we reject a site will be emailed to the webmaster who submits a site so that they can fix any problems and re-apply.

Once you feel your site is ready, submit it to us and if successful we will send you our award so that you may proudly display it with a link back to our site so that others may apply. If for any reason this award and link is not displayed you will be removed from our award winners page.


1. No sites or links to involving pornography, hate promotion, cruelty to animals, illegal activity or discrimination.
2. No broken links or under construction signs.
3. Music control (on/off button)
4. No pop-up windows.
5. Easy to find contact info.
6. MUST contain original content with a purpose and not just links to other sites.

If you feel you meet this Criteria then fill out the form below and click submit.

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